About Us
SBT hair transplant clinic is a stand-alone cosmetic surgery clinic dedicated to hair restoration. You can gauge our commitment to hair restoration by the very fact that despite the ability to do so, we do nothing but hair transplant.

Our unique combination of experience and cutting edge technology ensures that every transplant we perform is successful. At SBT, we give full respect to your wishes and desires. Each hairline is uniquely designed and customized to the wishes of recipient. Our focused nature of work and a passion for perfection has enabled us to reach the highest standards in hair transplants. That is why we are widely considered one of the best hair transplant clinics in India. In fact we have patients coming from all over the world and not just India.

The philosophy at SBT is very simple; “Provide best possible hair transplant to each patient in a caring and honest environment.” We will always be honest in assessing your hair loss, predicting your graft requirement and helping you plan long term. We do not promise “miracle cures” and we do not give “cheapest” hair transplant deals. What we do offer our patients is good density, beautiful hairlines and long lasting results.

Procedures conducted in a caring and friendly environment to make you feel comfortable. Our unique innovations like rapid grow protocol, recipient slit customization and adherence to best practices in hair implantation will give you faster post-operative recovery and pleasing results.

The clinic is well equipped with spacious air conditioned waiting lounge and operating room with all the modern facilities like sterilization. Our polite and caring staff will always be at your help whether you need to schedule an appointment or hire a taxi from clinic.